Issue #1


by HardFitness

Thyroid Disorders
by Sandra del Vecchio

The Ins and Outs of a Fitness Routine
by Kristi Willis

Best Shape of your Life
by Julie Lohre

Women and Strength Training
by Holly Geersen

Video Interviews featuring Julie Lohre and Sandra Wickham

Pictorials featuring Amy Peters, Holly Geersen, Julie Lohre, Erica Davidson and Mimi Jabalee

Things to Pack for Contest Day by Amy Peters

A week prior to a show (an article about carb/water depletion)
by Tanya Pennington

Thermogenics by Sandra Del Vecchio

Upcoming shows in '05
by HardFitness

Antioxidants by Holly Geersen

Picture Perfect get the Right Contest Color by Deborah Denio

Easy Lasagna by Amy Peters

Bethany Howlett book by Bethany Howlett

Some facts of Life
by Holly Geersen

Beyond the Plateau
by Shelly Pinkerton

2005 HardFitness Magazine Event/Contest Tentative Schedule

Jan. 18-20 Ironman NPC Figure / The Fit Expo Pasadena, CA
Mar. 4-6 The Arnold Classic Columbus, OH
Mar 12 San Francisco Figure Pro Grand Prix SF, CA
Apr. 23  Canadian Fitness Nationals Winnipeg, Manitoba - CANADA
Apr. 29-30  The Emerald Cup  Seattle, WA 
May 27-28  NPC California / IFBB Pro Figure  Culver City, CA 
Jun. 17-18  NPC Jr. Nationals Rosemont, IL 
Jul. 29-30  NPC USA Championships  Las Vegas, NV 
Aug. 5-6  Team Universe  New York, NY 
Sep. 3  Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals Montreal, Quebec - CANADA 
Sep. 16-17 Europa Super Show  Dallas, TX 
Oct. 14-15 The Olympia Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 18-19 NPC Nationals Atlanta, GA


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Schedule is subject to change.

If you will be competing and would like to setup a shoot at one of these shows. Please contact me:

Cell: (650)-283-3232


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