Issue #1


by HardFitness

Thyroid Disorders
by Sandra del Vecchio

The Ins and Outs of a Fitness Routine
by Kristi Willis

Best Shape of your Life
by Julie Lohre

Women and Strength Training
by Holly Geersen

Video Interviews featuring Julie Lohre and Sandra Wickham

Pictorials featuring Amy Peters, Holly Geersen, Julie Lohre, Erica Davidson and Mimi Jabalee

Things to Pack for Contest Day by Amy Peters

A week prior to a show (an article about carb/water depletion)
by Tanya Pennington

Thermogenics by Sandra Del Vecchio

Upcoming shows in '05
by HardFitness

Antioxidants by Holly Geersen

Picture Perfect get the Right Contest Color by Deborah Denio

Easy Lasagna by Amy Peters

Bethany Howlett book by Bethany Howlett

Some facts of Life
by Holly Geersen

Beyond the Plateau
by Shelly Pinkerton

Facts of Life
by Holly Geersen

Did you know?

-60% of Americans are overweight

-One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories

-Approximately 80% of Type II diabetes patients are obese

-The risk of cardiovascular disease for men and women is equivalent after women reach menopause

-Drinking lots of water aids in weight loss by cooling the core body temperature, therefore causing the body to increase caloric expenditure

-You can loose about 22 lbs/year of bodyweight by walking 2 miles per day

-The average person watches 23hours of television per week

-#1 excuse for not exercising: Not enough time

-65% of population is inactive

-Going from sedentary to light activity decreases mortality and morbidity by about 50%

-90% of those who try at weight loss are unsuccessful

-Of the 10% who are successful at weight loss, 90% of them included exercise

-Loosing about 1-2 lbs per week at the most is best-successful weight loss takes time

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About the Author...

Dr. Holly Geersen, D.C., B.S., A.S., C.P.T.

Iis a practicing chiropractor and co-owner of Advanced Care Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, located in Greenwood Village, CO. Dr. Holly's clinic specializes in sports injuries such as shoulder, knee and ankle injuries. At Advanced Care Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, patients are adjusted via x-ray line analysis, and go thru rehabilitative retraining of the muscles and ligaments involved in their specific injury in order to retrain the body to function properly at 100% of their optimal potential. Dr. Holly does nutrition analysis as well.

Dr. Holly has trained people for 9 years and is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals-from just getting in shape to powerlifting. Dr. Holly will be participating in the USA Powerlifting Nationals in February, and is a national level competitor in bodybuilding as well.

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