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Thyroid Disorders
by Sandra del Vecchio

The Ins and Outs of a Fitness Routine
by Kristi Willis

Best Shape of your Life
by Julie Lohre

Women and Strength Training
by Holly Geersen

Video Interviews featuring Julie Lohre and Sandra Wickham

Pictorials featuring Amy Peters, Holly Geersen, Julie Lohre, Erica Davidson and Mimi Jabalee

Things to Pack for Contest Day by Amy Peters

A week prior to a show (an article about carb/water depletion)
by Tanya Pennington

Thermogenics by Sandra Del Vecchio

Upcoming shows in '05
by HardFitness

Antioxidants by Holly Geersen

Picture Perfect get the Right Contest Color by Deborah Denio

Easy Lasagna by Amy Peters

Bethany Howlett book by Bethany Howlett

Some facts of Life
by Holly Geersen

Beyond the Plateau
by Shelly Pinkerton

Everything You Need To Pack For Contest Day
by Amy Peters

You’ve planned and prepared for this contest day for months. Now you want to make sure to be prepared the day of the event by having everything you’ll need with you. Packing the day or night before will ensure that you get everything packed, and won’t have to worry about packing the morning of the contest. You want to be organized and fully prepared for this day, so don’t forget any of the listed items!

Tanning Products
Protan, Jan Tana, Olympic Tan or whatever you decide to use. Also bring gloves (latex, powder-free), sponges and lotion or posing gel to put over your tanning product for a little shine on stage. Don’t use Pam, the judges don’t like it, it is too shiny.

Bikini Bite
To hold your suit in place, you don’t want it riding up or moving while you are on stage.

Resista Band
To pump up with right before you go out on stage. You never want to count on them having weights or dumbbells backstage.

Food, Water, Supplements & Goodies For After The Show
Food: Bring all the food, for all your meals the whole day of contest in case prejudging lasts longer than you expect. Bring extra food to share, in case another competitor forgot theirs. Low sodium tuna, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, honey, PB, bars, trail mix, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and M&M’s.
Water: Bring extra bottled water!
Supplements: Potassium, Herbal Diuretics, Thermogenics for energy, Advil and Tums.
Goodies: Chocolate, Cookies, Cheesecake, Pies or whatever you’ve been craving for after the show.

And lots of it. This will calm your nerves and help with a dry mouth.

Suits, Shoes & Jewelry
Suits: Pack each suit in its own Ziploc bag, to protect it from hair products, makeup and tanning products.
Jewelry: A pair of rhinestone earrings and bracelet to accentuate the stones on your suits.

Sweat suit & Flip Flops
You want to be warm and comfortable backstage. Loose clothing is better worn over you tanning product so it doesn’t leave any marks on your skin.

Towels: 1 big & 1 small
You will work up a sweat on stage; you’ll need a towel to wipe your face. Bring a big towel to sit on in case there is nowhere to sit.

Hair & Makeup Stuff
Even if your hair and makeup is already done, bring your hair products and makeup to touch up. Don’t expect to use someone else’s stuff, bring a curling iron for sure. Don’t forget a mirror in case they are all taken.

Scissors, Rhinestone Glue With Extra Stones & Safety Pins
Bring just in case you need to quickly fix something on your suit or costume.

NPC Card
Just in case they didn’t get your copy in the mail when you sent off your entry form.

To read backstage if you get bored, or need something to take your mind off the contest.

You will want to take photos with the other competitors and the new friends you’ve met backstage. Make sure someone in the audience has a camera or borrows yours so you can see yourself on stage.

Cell Phone & Charger
You might need to call someone in the audience that is at the show with you, or you may want to call home with the good news!

If you are competing in Fitness don’t forget to bring you music along with an extra copy in case one gets lost.

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About the Author...

Amy Peters, BS
National Figure Competitor

I graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. After graduating in May 2000, I started my own business as a nutritionist doing nutrition consulting. Since graduating, I have worked with numerous individuals helping them reach their fitness goals through proper nutrition by not only educating them about nutrition, but also helping them learn what is right for them, the individual. My philosophy on healthy nutrition is not about being or feeling as if you are on a diet. It is a lifestyle change that is realistic and maintainable for life.

Eating is a pleasure and we live in a world surrounded by food. You should enjoy what you eat, and feel good about your healthy food choices. A healthy nutrition plan should consist of 3 basic components: variety, balance and moderation. It is important to eat a well balanced diet consisting of a variety of foods that are satisfying and convenient, as well as easy to prepare. This will ensure success on a nutrition plan. If you enjoy what you eat, and can easily plan and prepare your meals, you will be able to follow the plan with ease and not feel as if you’re on a diet; because diets do not work! I work with any kind of client regardless of their goals; whether it’s losing body fat, gaining muscle, or anyone who just wants to learn about healthy nutrition. I also do contest prep for
bodybuilding, fitness and figure athletes.

Bachelor of Science Degree-Nutrition in Business and Industry
CIAR Certified-Biomechanics of Resistance Training
SWU-EDU-Sports Nutrition Certification

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