Angela Wehage (NPC)
Tulsa, OK
Antonia Grady(CBBF) Kootenays, BC, CANADA


Bethany Howlett (IFBB)
McLean, VA
Bethani Terrell (IFBB)
Oklahoma City, OK
Brittany Thorsch (IFBB)
San Diego, CA


Erica Davidson (NPC)
Roseville, CA


Jaime Shires (NPC)
Davie, FL
Jennifer Becerra (IFBB)
Houston, TX
Jenny Hendershott (IFBB)
Gahanna, OH
Jen Kersten (CBBF)
Victoria, B.C. CANADA
Julie Lohre (IFBB)
N. Kentucky


Katie Madden (NPC)
Central IL
Kendra Elias (IFBB)
Tulsa, OK
Kristi Wills (NPC)
Lakeville, MA


Lena Sanchez (NPC)
Long Island, NY
Linda Cusmano (CNBF)
Vancouver, B.C. CANADA


Mandy Polk (NPC)
Memphis, TN


Nita Wilson (NPC)
Phoenix, AZ


Sandra Wickham (IFBB)
Burnaby, BC, CANADA
Summer Montabone (IFBB)


Tessa Kring (NPC)
Charleston, SC


The most pleasing and entertaining part of this sport is Fitness. The energetic routines and the colorful outfit are an attractive even to mainstream audiences. Most fitness competitors have gymnastics backgrounds but it is not necessary to have one. Certain moves are required in order to have a great routine. The preparation is much harder as you need to mix a great amount of contest preparation towards your body and prepare your fitness routine.

Fitness consists of three rounds. One piece, two piece swimsuits and a fitness routine round. At amatuer level it is organized by class. Pro Fitness is not, women are placed in groups of two or more depending on the amount of competitors.

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